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fASI500 May 14-17, 2019

Embassy Suites Savannah • Savannah, GA

Welcome to fASI500!

fASI500, launching in 2019, is an executive-level, invitation-only hosted buyer event created exclusively for up-and-coming distributors. Due to the popularity and success of our fASIlitate event, we have created fASI500 to foster high-level distributor and supplier relationships and create lucrative business opportunities for up and coming distributors with personal promotional products sales volume of $500,000+. With a limited number of spots distributors must be pre-qualified.

Like ASI’s fASIlitate, the format features private, pre-set meetings between recruited distributors and highly sought-after suppliers. Each 20-minute session takes place in the privacy of the supplier's suite, guaranteeing uninterrupted, productive discussions. Distributors and suppliers must meet high qualifications and requirements before they are formally invited.

Who do I contact if I am a supplier interested in participating?

Contact Paul Elmer, VP of Sales and Supplier Marketing.
Phone: (215) 953-3652

Or click here to submit an application to be qualified.


Who do I contact if I am a distributor interested in participating?

Contact Tim Gaghan, Distributor Account Manager
Phone: 215-953-3351

Or, complete the form at this link.


An Event like No Other
You’ve never participated in an event like Engage and you can’t miss this opportunity. This three-day hybrid event combines the best of ASI Shows’ traditional trade shows, intimate hosted buyer events and roadshows, letting you be one of just 75 suppliers to do more than showcase your products – you can present your company as a true business partner to distributors who are actively looking to increase their sales. Engage can be your national sales meeting where we are introducing you to 200 per-qualified distributors who have a book of business over $300K. You will have scheduled meetings with these hand-selected distributors where you can showcase your products, services and present case studies. The attending distributions are ready to close deals unlike any other event .

Sell, sell, sell!
Networking is an integral part of building business relationships, and at Engage, you’ll have two full days to network with 200 pre-qualified, invited distributors who sell more than $300k annually (personal sales volume) during your choice of enhanced engagement opportunities (roundtable or presentation sessions) plus meals, cocktail receptions, hosted hospitality suites and more! On day three, you’ll showcase your products to a larger pool of regional distributors and their clients, allowing you to pitch your portfolio to even more people including end buyers. There’s no shortage of time to make new contacts and, ultimately, new business partners.  

All-Inclusive Experience
Suppliers who participate in the entire Engage experience (all three days) will benefit from all-inclusive package options. These packages are designed to make your participation easy and cost-effective – with ROI that is easy to track. When you take the cost, compare it to the cost per lead, and recognize the quality of the lead, this is an opportunity you cannot say “No” to!