To grow and succeed, you need more.
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You have a top customer list, but is it growing? 

A growing customer base is essential for any business. Better than any other marketing vehicle, trade shows and live events like those offered by ASI Show® can accomplish this by giving you:

  • New customer acquisition at a high ROI: Generate a list of qualified leads at a CPL of less than $12. Considering the CPL of one sales call ($596), the value in undeniable.
  • A quick lead-to-customer conversion: You can’t duplicate the power of an in-person connection. A trustworthy handshake puts you steps closer to the sale and makes your follow-up efforts more effective.
  • Maximum brand awareness: Put your brand on the map for thousands of attending distributors and prove that you're a dependable resource.

But don’t just take it from us:

“Events offer a high level of engagement with customers, which helps to retain and grow the customer base and allows marketers to realize a bigger ROI.”
IDC Analyze the Future – Rethinking the Role of Events

Ensure the long-term success of your business.
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