Let's get ready for fASIlitate!

Prep Before You Leave

  • Download the fASIlitate app for up-to-the-minute event information.
  • Download the Uber app – Upload your voucher to use to and from the airport.
  • Pack shipping supplies including labels and tape to expedite pack-up after the show.
  • Check the weather so you can pack accordingly.
  • Thinking about bringing samples to the event? Download logos here.

Familiarize Yourself With Whom You’re Meeting

  • Study the distributor profiles so you know who you will be meeting, what markets they are selling into and how you can do business with them.
  • Do further research – Are you doing business with them? What volume?

Use the Distributor Information in the Online Directory to Make an Impression

  • Reach out before the event! You have access to a downloadable Excel spreadsheet in the online directory which has the emails of all the distributor attendees. Send a quick message letting them know you’re looking forward to meeting them next week.
  • Use their logos found in the online directory in your presentations to make them more personalized.

Perfect Your Sales Meeting

  • Be succinct and specific to each distributor’s needs (you have their profiles in advance) and pace your script, leaving time for questions at the end.
  • Rather than being generic, tell your story as it pertains to each distributor. Show them you’ve studied their profile and did your research on their company.
  • Have your answers ready to these questions:
    • What differentiates you from other suppliers of similar products?
    • What unique products do you have?
    • What other capabilities do you offer that they need to know?

Meeting Tips

  • Please keep to the 20-minute schedule.
  • To help stay on schedule, we are using the PagerTech system which will buzz 2-3 minutes before the end of your meeting. This is your reminder to wrap up your conversation. You don’t want to run over as you’ll cut into your next appointment time.
  • Remember, you’ll be seeing them at upcoming networking events and meals, so if you’re having a great discussion, offer to get together to finish your conversation.
  • If you need anything during a meeting or in between, call the hospitality suite or reach out to an onsite team member.

Hospitality Suites

  • The hospitality suites will have an array of drinks, coffee and snacks to help sustain you through the event. The suite numbers will be made available one week prior to the event.
  • If you’re presenting alone and need something, an ASI Show staff member can bring water or snacks to your suite between meetings. Just call!

Welcome Reception and Dinners Tips

  • All information about networking and dining events can be found in the app. Check it often for any last-minute updates.
  • Wear your badge!
  • Come prepared to mix and mingle.
  • Try to re-connect with the distributors you met earlier in the day.
    • Bring up a salient point from your meeting.
    • Wear or bring your product if you can!

What Comes Next? Following Up Is KEY! When You Get Home ...

  • Reach out with a personal thank-you note or email.
  • Remind distributors what you discussed.
  • Provide a timeline for specs or samples if appropriate.


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