Exclusive venues and dates for VIP Distributors and influencers!

Daytona, FL
April 15-18, 2024
Daytona Grande Oceanfront Hotel
New Orleans, LA
May 6-9, 2024
Windsor Court
Santa Monica, CA
June 10-13, 2024
Santa Monica Hotel & Suites
Denver, CO
September 9-12, 2024
The Ritz-Carlton

Why Should You Attend?

Make 40, million-dollar+ promotional product sellers your new customers. Meet them in private, 20-minute meetings and continue the conversations at networking receptions and dinners. Use their provided detailed profiles to fine tune your presentations and for post-show follow-up.

Benefit from an exclusive attendee and exhibitor list that is heavily vetted. Invited distributors have not attended a hosted-buyer event in 2 years and are guaranteed $1M+ sales producers. Our strict limits help you stand out and keep your competition to a minimum.

A cost- and time-effective lead generator. ASI® takes care of all the details for you! Just purchase your suite, airline ticket and pack your bags and samples. Show up and make the lucrative connections that will become key to your business over just 3.5 days.

2023 Audience Snapshot:

  • Average personal sales of attending distributors: $2.6M
  • Attendees represented $406 million in yearly promotional product sales.
  • Attending distributor companies include: Proforma (asi/300094), American Solutions (asi/120075), ePromos (asi/188515), Bamko Inc. (asi/131431) and Something Inked (asi/466856).

Survey Results


expect to receive business from the event.


stated this event was beneficial to their business.


met new prospects.


of suppliers quoted new orders.

Why They Attend Hosted-Buyer Events

Reason 1

To source new and trustworthy suppliers:

Our company will see 100% growth this year. We need to find more suppliers we can depend on, as well as new products, to satisfy the needs of our high-profile accounts.

Ethan D., Indigo Promotions (asi/231948)

Reason 2

Identify suppliers they can turn to immediately and consistently:

We’ve always done 90% of our business with the suppliers we find at these private shows.


We introduce you to some of the industry’s best while saving you time and money!

Think you could schedule meetings with 40 of the industry’s top sellers for under $10,000?

With a sales call averaging $600+, plus the cost of time to find the distributors and the travel to meet them, you'd spend well over $24,000.

Convert just one attendee to a customer and your investment will turn into profits for years to come. There’s a reason why over 70% of past supplier participants return year after year.

Rave Reviews

Reserve Exclusivity

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